Every morning what wake me up is not only the alarm clock but also all of you and your lovely college. Thank you Blaise for giving me help and thank you all my teachers for giving me encouragment. Thank you for your smile. See you in China


I’ve been here for 6 months and am sad to be leaving lovely people from all over the world, great teachers & incredible host family. I will never forget you. I studied for Cambridge CAE and the teachers where so professional and gave me lots of help.

Sarah Austria

I enjoy studying with the good teachers and they always give the best lessons and the staff are very enthusiastic. I met a lot of friends from all over the world. You helped me a lot when I first came here. It was my first time away from home, I love you all so much.


I studied at SLEC for one year and improved from elementary class to advanced, SLEC is the best. I scored good IELTS so I can go to study IT at AUT. I love this school and QT. I will tell all my friends to come and study here.

AliSaudi Arabia

I’ve been here for 24 weeks and I’ve had a great time in SLEC. Thank you all for the best part of my life. If I have a chance to come back again, I’ll come to school and I hope I can stay in QT. I love QT and NZ and also love everything here.


I love Queenstown. The School, teachers and activities. I have bungy jumped, skydived, ridden horses, jet boated and had many parties. I don’t want to leave Qt. It is paradise here.

Eun- Ju

I stayed here for 6 months and have improved my English a lot from Elementary to Intermediate class. When I came I couldn’t speak or understand anything. The teachers gave me help after lessons with extra listening practice and also helped me with pronunciation. To study abroad was the best decision in my life.

Eun- JuRepublic of Korea

SLEC is a great way to improve your English and make friends. I have a working holiday visa and they helped me find work so I can stay here longer. I came to Qt because there are many jobs here in hospitality.

RomanCzech Republic

To improve my English I came to SLEC in Queenstown which is a great English College and perhaps the best. I spent 12 weeks here and improved my English a lot. I met a lot of new friends who come from all over the world. It was so interesting to exchange your way of life and culture. Now I can travel everywhere with my English and knowledge and make friends.


It was the best of the best winter – summer in my life. I’ll never forget it. I studied FCE and I am sure I will do well. I will study Diploma in Hospitality Management after this school.

KseniaRussian Federation

The Teachers are so kind and patient with me. I also loved going snowboarding every afternoon, James our guide was so cool, I could learn a lot of new tricks


I came to the other side of the world for a second time to SLEC as I needed IELTS 7.5 to do my university course in Scotland. I stayed 4 weeks and got 8.0 Thanks for all the support you gave me. I wouldn’t have been able to pass the IELTS exam without you.