General English

New timetable beginning 23 September 2019!

We offer quality English tuition and have a high rating by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority putting us in the top level of colleges in New Zealand.

Southern Lakes English College provides a fun, motivating communicative approach to English learning ensuring that students make excellent progress in all areas of English with a special focus on speaking & listening skills.

General English


FULL TIME (23 hours per week)

M-F: 9.00am- 12.00pm    morning classes (breaking earlier on Fridays for graduation) 

M-F: 12.00pm – 1.00pm    lunchtime

M-Th: 1.00pm – 3.00pm     afternoon classes (Mon-Thurs only. No afternoon classes on Fridays)

PART TIME (15 hours per week)

Students can also study part-time courses (15 hours per week) – mornings only

Please see our price list here for full-time and part-time study options.

  • The average class size is 12-14 with a maximum of 20 students per class.
  • Morning classes develop speaking, listening, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills in a communicative way.
  • Afternoon classes concentrate on developing fluency and confidence in English with the aim to develop speaking, listening and vocabulary skills.
  • Students are tested every week and advanced to higher levels as competence is attained at each class level.
  • Feedback reports are also given for students. This is in the form of a tutorial with the teacher and a written feedback from both student and teacher.
  • A certificate of attendance and a final graduation report is awarded at graduation.
  • We offer all levels from Beginner to Advanced.
  • Courses run from January to December with a 2-week break around Christmas and New Year
  • We have a wide variety of different nationalities from all over the world.
  • Students improve quickly with our English-only policy and extracurricular activities after school.