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Improve your English, and stay on a farmstay!

Staying at a homestay and then a farmstay is a great way to learn about life in 2 different New Zealand families.

Your English lessons will help you to communicate with your families and help you better enjoy your farmstay experience.

The farms where students stay are about 30 mins – 1 hour from our college. They are mainly sheep, deer or crop farms.

The things that our students enjoy about staying at a farmstay are:

  • watching, touching and hand-feeding the animals. From the end of September onwards you will see many cute lambs in the fields.
  • you can help as much as you want with the work on the farm which can be really fun.
  • you can hear and see the native birds and feel at one with nature in lovely countryside.
  • at night time you can see the amazing bright stars in the sky.
  • you can have real conversation with kind native speakers and be part of a New Zealand family. Make sure to keep in contact when you return home.
  • You can learn about living with the land and doing natural things.


  • Any level of English
  • Minimum age 18

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