English + Hobby Classes

Come and improve your english and also learn more about a hobby.

We Provide

  • A minimum 4-week intensive English course (25 hours a week)
  • A minimum one-hour session/week on a creative hobby of your choice.
  • You can choose more than one hobby. These hobbies are either local clubs or private teachers depending on the type of hobby.


  • Singing club – learn to sing jazz or some traditional New Zealand songs with an experienced and qualified teacher
  • Flower arranging – learn how to arrange flowers with a local florist
  • Cooking club – learn how to cook traditional New Zealand recipes and/or international dishes to impress your friends and family when you return to your country.
  • Drama club – improve your English confidence by learning to act and act in front of people.
  • Dancing club – learn how to dance different styles. Great fun and a great way to meet native people.
  • Movie club – watch and discuss movies together. (A good level of English required)

Hobby classes are a great way to learn new things and meet people in the local community so that you can practise your English and make friends outside class, too.