English + High School Preparation & High School Holiday Courses

Come and improve your English and adapt to NZ culture before entering a high school in New Zealand.

We offer a very safe and caring environment, which is very suitable to prepare students to adapt to high school learning and life. We have been running high school preparation courses since 1993.


  • A minimum of one month’s study depending on student’s English ability
  • Beginner and above
  • 14 years and over

We Provide

    • A minimum 4-week intensive English course (25 hours a week) aimed at developing English skills required for high school
    • Airport transfers, Daily transport to and from school
    • Homestay accommodation during your study time
    • An orientation programme to help students understand and cope with NZ lifestyle and culture
    • Special tutoring in high school subjects especially developing vocabulary knowledge to help with these subjects
    • Assistance in transition between Southern Lakes English College and High school
    • Special student support and counselling with guardianship programme

We also offer a variety of English courses for high school students during their holidays for students already in New Zealand. Click here for the Wakatipu High School and other links.